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Imagine yourself walking around your newly remodeled bedroom, dining room, or basement.

The room is spacious … sunlight pours through the windows … the walls are freshly painted and seem to glow in the light.

What a peaceful and relaxing place to be.

Now, look more closely at the walls. Are they smooth, without blemish? Run your fingers across the surface. Is it pitted, nicked, cracked, and rough? Or does it feel as polished and pristine as a slab of fine Italian marble?

When you hire Brian’s Drywall Services for your sanding needs your walls will be perfectly smooth.

That’s because we employ a special process that lets us see every blemish and imperfection that needs to be sanded smooth … even one’s you can’t easily see!

This process involves using a halogen light to spot even the tiniest gouges and nicks that can’t be sanded out and must be touched up with mud. The end result? Your walls are as flat and smooth as the unbroken surface of a tranquil mountain lake.

If you’re like most of our clients there’s one major worry holding you back.


While there’s no way to eliminate dust particles completely, we go to great lengths to contain and control the dust flow.

When we arrive at your home the first order of business on a sanding project is to cover doorways and access points leading to the furnace. By blocking access to the furnace you don’t need to worry about dust re-circulating throughout the house. This keeps your furnace, furniture, and family free from harmful dust.

Once the sanding begins, we use electric power sanders that connect directly to shop vacuums to trap most of the dust. Because we’re committed to providing the best sanding services in Kansas City the metro area some fine hand sanding is required near the end of every project. The dust produced from this is minimal, though, we do clean up before we go.

At Brian’s Drywall Services we understand you don’t want beautiful walls to come at the cost of dust coating everything in your home. That’s why we take extra care to ensure your home is as clean and tidy when the project is finished as it was on the day we arrived.

Think about it: walls sanded to perfection without the hassle of dust getting all over your home. It’s possible. And Brian’s Drywall Services can make it happen for you.

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