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Many homeowners assume wallpaper removal is a simple DIY project … and then they try their hand at it. With gashes, rips, tears, and pits now in their drywall - and wallpaper still clinging stubbornly to their walls - they call us.

Fact is, wallpaper removal - when done incorrectly - can seriously damage your drywall and lead to costly and time - consuming repairs.

Avoid all those headaches and hassles by hiring Brian’s Drywall Services for your home’s wallpaper removal needs. With 20 years experience in the home construction industry, we have expertly handled wallpaper removal projects of all shapes and sizes.

We understand when it comes to removing wallpaper every job is different. Some wallpaper strips off easily … while some wallpaper is as stubborn and relentless as a toddler pouting to get their way.

A good portion of that is determined by the way the wallpaper was installed in the first place.  No matter how challenging your wallpaper project is one thing remains constant: we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction. When you hire us for a wallpaper removal you’re guaranteed outstanding customer service.

We back all of our services with a (1) year quality guarantee. So whether you hire us for a wallpaper removal project or a drywall installation, you’ll always enjoy piece of mind.

Why risk excessively damaging your walls and adding frustration to your life trying to remove stubborn sheets of wallpaper? Click here for a FREE estimate and let the pros make your home look beautiful.

Anatomy of Wallpaper Removal